Gail's singing career began when a friend asked her to sing in a benefit performance. Gail, who was a newscaster and talk show host in Boston, MA, had always wanted to sing professionally. This unexpected request gave her the opportunity to try. Three months after her first performance, Gail was singing to audiences of 500 people. The enthusiasm she generated was immediate. "Everyone in the convention hall stood up and cheered," said Margaret Sweeney, concert producer. "The last time I saw that was at the Met."

Since then Gail has performed for hundreds of audiences and her original cabaret acts and recordings have won praise from music and theatre critics alike, including Boston Herald, VARIETY, CDBABY, WOLDS FM, WUMB FM, WNBP AM, WGBH FM, WGBH TV, PBS and NBC.

For Gail, the most important reviews come from her audiences. She is repeatedly booked for return performances from theatres, festivals, colleges, and retirement communities. Gail has also been awarded numerous concert grants from the National Endowment for the Arts through the Massachusetts Arts Council.

Broadway conductor and jazz pianist, Andy Ezrin, who was Gail's accompanist for years, says, "Gail has an extraordinary ability to communicate the emotional energy of a song. The first time I ever played with her, I was stunned by the range of feelings she expresses and evokes."

According to Gail, that's the reason she sings. "Songs give us such freedom to express ourselves -- they speak straight from the heart."

That's what keeps Gail singing - and why audiences keep coming back to hear her.